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Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.

On this page you’ll find everything a food obsessed person needs: recipes, restaurant suggestions, food porn and more. If you haven’t figured it out by now we’re unabashed foodies, but what does that even mean? Well, first and foremost, we love food – period. And while our food love obviously centres around the simple pleasures of eating as many types of delicious food as we can find, we also exhibit many of the other “symptoms”  commonly associated with being food lovers.

 If, like us, you check off any (or all) of these boxes we think you’ll have fun exploring the various nooks and crannies of our little food lover’s haven. Enjoy!

If you've ever planned a vacation based on the foods you want to eat instead of the sights you want to see you're likely a foodie.

Restaurants & Markets

All our best restaurant discoveries!

“You have to have Chili Crab,” a fellow traveller tells us. “It’s super touristy, but so good. Don’t obsess about where you get it; every hawker is good. The real debate is steamed bun or baked bun.”This was no word of a lie; this is a must-do! Crustaceans in Canada have reached prices that are simply out of reach for us financially, so the potential of indulging in seafood while abroad was very exciting for us.A whole mud crab is stir-fried in a thick tomato-based chilli sauce mixed with shredded crab meat and served with steamed mantou buns. One thing we learned quickly is that spicy food in South-East Asia is always actually spicy. We had a mouth burn for a good hour afterwards. The fluffy, sweet buns were a fantastic way to mop up every drop of the tangy, spicy sauce.

Alliance Seafood

A famous spot for trying Singapore’s National Dish: Chili Crab.
Goat Avakai Biryani

Hyderabad Spices Indian Cuisine

Don’t miss this small Etobicoke spot. Located a short walk from the Islington TTC, they serve up delicious and less commonly seen South Asian dishes that are well worth a subway ride.
If it's about more than just the food and becomes as much about the story behind that food - its origins, its evolution, the people, places and events that have made it what it is - then you're definitely a foodie.

Food Culture

Because the story of food shapes who we are.

Singapore Chili Crab

“You have to have Chili Crab,” a fellow traveller tells us. “It’s super touristy, but so good. Don’t obsess about where you get it; every hawker is good. The real …

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Who Taught The French To Cook

James Montgomery Flagg (1877 – 1960) “They say that the Italians taught the French to cook. That when Catherine de Medici married King Henry the Second, she brought a whole …

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Mooncake is made and enjoyed in China during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival’s origins date to the 1600s BCE, and in the past it encouraged people to moon-watch. Today it’s …

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If you're planning your next meal, or talking about other food, while in the midst of eating a delicious meal - you're definitely food obsessed.
If you believe passionately that food is the key ingredient to a great party you're likely a food lover.

Awesome Finds

Tasty Food Products, Boozy Delights, Fabulous Cookbooks and Kitchen Toys

Canmore Tea Company

Mocha Dreams

Craving a coffee with your dessert, but still need a decent night’s sleep? This rooibos tea infused with coffee beans has turned into one of our favourite evening indulgences.

Iki Shokupan in Markham.

Japanese Milk Bread

With milky-sweet flavour and a feathery soft texture this is a much sought after treat. Fabulous with all manner of fillings, it also makes for ahhhmazing French Toast!

Rose Infused Gin

Rose Water Infused Gin

We discovered this South African Gin at an airport and have never stopped craving it. If you like gin and can get your hands on this one buy it with all due haste!

If friends, family and co-workers ask you for places to eat in cities you've visited, then you're a foodie.

Other Foodies

We love to learn about all things food, and our fellow foodies are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.

Italy Magazine

Italy Magazine

Eponymous magazines are always a good starting point for travellers, and this is no exception. Their food recommendations and commentary are well worth a look.

Hubert's Food Adventures in Toronto

Good Food Toronto

A physical therapist by day, a foodie by night. Follow his adventures across our great city!

Food Lover Trevor James


One of our fav Insta-buddies, Sara M. Tang is a superb cook and co-founder of Kopi Thyme, artisanal gourmet sauces from Malaysia and south-east Asia. She loves making connections; say hi from us!

If you get so excited over delicious food that forgetting to take photos for your website or Instagram feed is an on-going challenge, you're almost certainly suffering from a serious case of food love.

Food Porn

Because let's be honest: who doesn't like a little food porn in their life!?

Spicy Ramen Mozzarella Sticks

Spicy Ramen Mozzarella Sticks

Playful and Brilliant. Posted on Instagram by the Food Gays.

Duck Scotch Eggs

Duck Scotch Eggs

A masterpiece from Little Viet Kitchen.

Pecan Praline Cookies

Pecan Praline Cookies

Created by Srasfood on Instagram.  “These cookies are both crispy and chewy. Freshly baked and topped with crunch roasted pecan nuts and an irresistible praline!”

If restaurant visits become pre-planned expeditions - with menus previewed and likely plates chosen even before you arrive - you're a food lover.

Scraps & Crumbs

Sharing wee bites of some of the fun tidbits we find now and again.

Coffee Processing Methods

This great graphic was discovered at Wet Coffee in Oakville.  Coffee Processing Methods Dry/Natural: Coffee cherries are left to dry out in the sun with the seed and pulp still …

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Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner

Never mind the fascinating idea of Chicken Stewed Beef Testies . . . the photo just had us in stitches! Apparently the artwork was inspired by the video game Battlegrounds. …

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Terrible Pickup Lines

Found inside a bar menu in Shanghai! 

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More Ways to Savour Life


I love food, but I also love hiking.

Change your perspective on the world while staying fit and working up an appetite. A Win-Win-Win!


Tuscany is perfect for people who love food.

Being a traveller and being a foodie go hand-in-hand. Food experiences immersed in culture and place ROCK!

Food Porn

Skewered Pigeon, Street Food

This pigeon was served in the streets of Shanghai. We found a little road lined with outdoor food vendors. It was a feast for all the senses. In particular, we found these small birds fascinating – two fit on each skewer. We’re pretty sure they were pigeon. The glaze was mildly sweet with a rich clove-like flavour.

Delicious Explorations



Look no further for eclectic and informative articles, exceptional writing and really  beautiful photography.


This Food Lover Is a vicarious delichg

Somewhere between a religious experience and an addiction comes… Foodhism. If you love food, you’ll appreciate Ken’s instagram!

Food Ranger

Food Lover Trevor James

Check out Canadian food adventurer Trevor James for tips on how to find great food in China and learn about this drool-worthy cuisine.