335 Smith St.,
Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre,

We visited this fabulous hawker stall in Singapore’s Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre with two new-found local friends – and it was fabulous. Everything was made fresh-to-order, providing us with some lovingly made classics and one new dish as well.

Broccoli with Scallops is a classic dish, even in Canada.  While it’s fairly easy to find a place that does crispy, hot broccoli this version was incredibly infused with the flavours of the sauce. For a little added flavour it arrived served with green onion, mushrooms and carrot. The scallops were fresh and tender as well.

One might say a battered, deep-fried shrimp is just a battered, deep fried shrimp. Not so: the shrimp were extra plump and sweet; the batter was perfectly crispy; and, the seasoning in the batter was something special! Best version of this dish ever.

It’s always exciting to try something new, and our friends introduced us to Three Type Eggs with Chinese Spinach. This soupy stir fry  is made using scrambled eggs, century egg and salted egg and comes in a delicious broth. Apparently it is quite popular with the Chinese communities in Malaysia and Singapore.  The broth in this one was absolutely delicious and we made sure to spoon up every last drop.  The peppers and shitake mushrooms also added a nice dimension to the dish.

The first egg is fairly simple – scrambled egg cooked in the broth.

The second is century egg, which we just love.  These eggs are preserved using a combination of clays, wood ash, salt, quicklime and rice hulls for weeks or months to achieve the final product. The whites take on a jelly-like consistently and become a deep amber colour while the yolk turns black and creamy. 

Lastly, salted eggs are made by being preserved in brine or by packing them in salted charcoal. This makes the yolk rich and buttery, adding umami to any dish they are added to.

Crispy Chow Mein Noodle is always a winner in our eyes!  The sauce was a silky contrast to the crunch of the noodles, the veg were cooked to perfection and the chicken was juicy and tender..

Not pictured is the very tasty peppered beef. Sometimes we get tired of food blogging and we just want to eat! 

These dishes were part of a whole feast we shared with two other friends at the Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre, which has an impressive collection of hawker stalls to explore.  Warm thank you to Melting Flavours and Sha Han for taking us on this food journey. 

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“You have to have Chili Crab,” a fellow traveller tells us. “It’s super touristy, but so good. Don’t obsess about where you get it; every hawker is good. The real debate is steamed bun or baked bun.”This was no word of a lie; this is a must-do! Crustaceans in Canada have reached prices that are simply out of reach for us financially, so the potential of indulging in seafood while abroad was very exciting for us.A whole mud crab is stir-fried in a thick tomato-based chilli sauce mixed with shredded crab meat and served with steamed mantou buns. One thing we learned quickly is that spicy food in South-East Asia is always actually spicy. We had a mouth burn for a good hour afterwards. The fluffy, sweet buns were a fantastic way to mop up every drop of the tangy, spicy sauce.

The food culture of this city-state is what binds Singaporeans together. The city is famous for its food hawkers and legitimately so. Going to hawker markets is a great way to explore countless dishes and traditions.

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