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Culinary Slut is the love project of two Toronto-based people who are food-obsessed and afflicted with constant wanderlust. Food is at the centre of everything we love – it decides where we travel and hike, it is how we bond with friends, and it influences how we explore culture. This is a digital foodie haven. On this website, you’ll find great restaurants, delicious recipes and amazing travel finds! We’ve also built a community with our fellow foodies offline though our dinner club and one-on-one indulgences.  We invite you to join us online and in-person.

Travel Vaccines For South East Asia

Travelling to remote destinations in tropical climates – especially if you’re spending many weeks or months there – comes with unique potential health hazards.  In the case of potential health risks, we’re firm believers that prevention is the best medicine. This is a description of the vaccines we got for our 6 month trip to South-East Asia, including: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

Grasslands National Park

This is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. A vast wilderness of prairie grasslands and rugged hills, with great hiking and beautiful solitude. The lack of visitors – particularly relative to the immensity of the space – only enhances the emotive power of the place. The grandeur of the immense spaces reaches deep into one’s soul, acting as a balm against the manic pace of modern life and reminding us of nature’s healing powers.


All our best restaurant discoveries!

Goat Avakai Biryani

Hyderabad Spices Indian Cuisine

Don’t miss this small Etobicoke spot. Located a short walk from the Islington TTC, they serve up delicious and less commonly seen South Asian dishes that are well worth a subway ride.
Blue Roof Bistro, Fairbanks Alaska

Blue Roof Bistro

Tasty, diner-style comfort food.
Toronto's Best Sushi

Sushi Kaji

Sushi Kaji is one of the best sushi restaurants in North America. More than just great food, Kaji is a feast for the senses to satisfy the most discerning foodie.


We love sharing the things we discover on our adventures. Here are the most recent additions to our travel section:

Travel to Ko Kut, Thailand

Koh Kut, Koh Kood, Koh Koot. Which ever way you just to spell it is one of our favourite places on Planet Earth.  Koh Kood is one of Thailand’s last …

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Visiting Thailand: The Basics

Anytime we travel we like to get a solid handle on the basics of the places we are visiting.  *NB: This information about travelling in Thailand was valid for us …

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Malaria Risks In Thailand

Malaria Risks Risk is part of life – we accept that. As such, we are not risk averse travellers. We travel to some pretty far flung places and accept that …

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Food Culture

Because the story of food shapes who we are.

Who Taught The French To Cook

James Montgomery Flagg (1877 – 1960) “They say that the Italians taught the French to cook. That when Catherine de Medici married King Henry the Second, she brought a whole …

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Mooncake is made and enjoyed in China during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival’s origins date to the 1600s BCE, and in the past it encouraged people to moon-watch. Today it’s …

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You Are What You Eat

We’ve all heard the term “You are what you eat”. It’s a simple way of saying that if you eat poorly – like living on a diet of fast food …

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Other Travellers

There are so many adventurers blazing new paths. Find them here. These are our latest additions.

Ohio based instagram hiker and traveller.

Trekking With Kay

This Ohio based weekend warrior seeks adventure all over the USA.  She writes informative captions and takes lovely photos..

Long distance and thru traveller


We love this long distance and thru traveller.  This is an authentic feed by an experience enthusiast. 

Accidentally Wes Anderson


Frommer’s has been in continuous annual publication since the 1957 debut of Arthur Frommer’s revolutionary Europe on $5 a Day. That iconic book changed the way the world traveled, and Frommer’s is still a reliable go-to today.

Other Foodies

We love to learn about all things food, and our fellow foodies are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.

German Food Blogger on Instagram

Sandra's Rezepte​

A hobby cook with a flare for style!  This ‘grammer is based in Germany, sharing beautiful photos of her home creations. 

Banff Blog

Banff Blog

If you’re more into the long-held tradition of visiting Banff National Park, and the Banff Townsite, Cameron and Natasha are here to help. So much to see; so little time!


At TASTE, the glue that binds together everything they do is their quest to understand the foods we eat. There’s an equal measure of culture stories that dive into the zeitgeist to explore why there’s more to dinner than meets the eye.

Awesome Finds

Tasty Food Products, Boozy Delights, Fabulous Cookbooks and Kitchen Toys

Canmore Tea Company

Mocha Dreams

Craving a coffee with your dessert, but still need a decent night’s sleep? This rooibos tea infused with coffee beans has turned into one of our favourite evening indulgences.

Iki Shokupan in Markham.

Japanese Milk Bread

With milky-sweet flavour and a feathery soft texture this is a much sought after treat. Fabulous with all manner of fillings, it also makes for ahhhmazing French Toast!

Rose Infused Gin

Rose Water Infused Gin

We discovered this South African Gin at an airport and have never stopped craving it. If you like gin and can get your hands on this one buy it with all due haste!

Food Porn

Because let's be honest: who doesn't like a little food porn in their life!?

Spicy Ramen Mozzarella Sticks

Spicy Ramen Mozzarella Sticks

Playful and Brilliant. Posted on Instagram by the Food Gays.

Duck Scotch Eggs

Duck Scotch Eggs

A masterpiece from Little Viet Kitchen.

Pecan Praline Cookies

Pecan Praline Cookies

Created by Srasfood on Instagram.  “These cookies are both crispy and chewy. Freshly baked and topped with crunch roasted pecan nuts and an irresistible praline!”

Scraps & Crumbs

Sharing wee bites of some of the fun tidbits we find now and again.

Coffee Processing Methods

This great graphic was discovered at Wet Coffee in Oakville.  Coffee Processing Methods Dry/Natural: Coffee cherries are left to dry out in the sun with the seed and pulp still …

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Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner

Never mind the fascinating idea of Chicken Stewed Beef Testies . . . the photo just had us in stitches! Apparently the artwork was inspired by the video game Battlegrounds. …

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Terrible Pickup Lines

Found inside a bar menu in Shanghai! 

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