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Welcome Fellow Foodie!

Culinary Slut is the love project of two Toronto-based people who are food-obsessed and afflicted with constant wanderlust. Food is at the centre of everything we love – it decides where we travel and hike, it is how we bond with friends, and it influences how we explore culture. This is a digital foodie haven. On this website, you’ll find great restaurants, delicious recipes and amazing travel finds! We’ve also built a community with our fellow foodies offline though our dinner club and one-on-one indulgences.  We invite you to join us online and in-person.


Paradise Unplugged

The more we slow travel the more we’ve come to appreciate the importance of finding places that match our rhythms. We crave those spots that attract interesting fellow travellers (as …

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Navigating Chaos – Booking a Train in Laos

The China-constructed high speed train from Vientiane to Luang Prabang (with onward connection by slower train to Boten) is a huge improvement in the country’s travel infrastructure. Prior to this …

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Why Do We Slow Travel?

We love to travel, but we have neither the means nor the inclination to roam about the planet staying in 5-star hotels and eating in fine dining restaurants. What we …

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We love sharing the things we discover on our adventures. Here are the most recent additions to our travel section:

Other Travellers

There are so many adventurers blazing new paths. Find them here. These are our latest additions.

Best Bits Worldwide

This site was created for passionate explorers who savor the authentic but also love the luxurious. Guidebooks and online searches don’t always have those certain somethings that make a place special – the Best Bits. Where to escape the hot sun over Hanoi while sipping the Vietnamese version of iced cappuccino…the out of the way ice cream that can’t be missed…. Those are the Best Bits you want to know about whether it’s your first time or your one hundredth visiting a place.

Wander Lush​

This travel blog is run by Emily Lush, originally from Brisbane, Australia. Travel writing is her full time job, with publications in National Geographic Traveller, Conde Nast and  Wanderlust Magazine.  She has lived in four different countries and visited 50 more. 

Alex in Wanderland

Alex is a New York native who left her home to explore the world slowly and thoroughly. Her website covers destinations throughout Asia, the Americas, Caribbean and the Middle East. She covers festivals, wildlife, cruises, diving, yoga and many other travel adventures.

Other Foodies

We love to learn about all things food, and our fellow foodies are a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.

Toronto based food website.

Taste Toronto

Taste Toronto helps readers discover all Toronto has to offer. From the trendiest spots to the hidden gems, their team is dedicated to unearthing the city’s best food, drink and events. 

British Columbia Food instagrammer, who loves to cook.

Gordly Food

One of our favourite instagram accounts. A great cook and food lover – and genuinely fine human –  sharing his journey and food joy. Based in British Columbia. 

Made from scratch pasta recipes. Bologna cooking classes and food tours.

Meribel Tastes of Italy​

Learn to cook pasta and Italian cuisine like a Nonna! Located in Bologna, Italy she offers in-person cooking lessons and really informative food tours.


We’ve added Singapore to our list of travel destination blogs!  This complex and fascinating city is an excellent point of entry into South East Asia, and it’s socio-political culture is particularly fascinating for sharp observers.

Grasslands National Park

This is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. A vast wilderness of prairie grasslands and rugged hills, with great hiking and beautiful solitude. The lack of visitors – particularly relative to the immensity of the space – only enhances the emotive power of the place. The grandeur of the immense spaces reaches deep into one’s soul, acting as a balm against the manic pace of modern life and reminding us of nature’s healing powers.

Awesome Finds

Tasty Food Products, Boozy Delights, Fabulous Cookbooks and Kitchen Toys

The Science of Good Food

If you want to make the perfect dish, you need this reference guide. The 400 recipes walk. you through the science of cooking so you understand the how and why of kitchen magic.

Canmore Tea Company

Mocha Dreams

Craving a coffee with your dessert, but still need a decent night’s sleep? This rooibos tea infused with coffee beans has turned into one of our favourite evening indulgences.

Iki Shokupan in Markham.

Japanese Milk Bread

With milky-sweet flavour and a feathery soft texture this is a much sought after treat. Fabulous with all manner of fillings, it also makes for ahhhmazing French Toast!

Food Culture

Because the story of food shapes who we are.

Asian Eats

We’re obsessed with Asian Cuisine!  Here are just some of the delightful things we’ve discovered in our dining adventures, both in our wonderfully multicultural hometown of Toronto and during our …

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Singapore Chili Crab

“You have to have Chili Crab,” a fellow traveller tells us. “It’s super touristy, but so good. Don’t obsess about where you get it; every hawker is good. The real …

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Who Taught The French To Cook

James Montgomery Flagg (1877 – 1960) “They say that the Italians taught the French to cook. That when Catherine de Medici married King Henry the Second, she brought a whole …

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All our best restaurant discoveries!

Chinatown Complex Market and Food Centre in Singapore, Hawker Stall


A favourite of local friends this hawker stall is in Singapore’s Chinatown. It features fresh, flavorful dishes from broccoli with scallops to century eggs.
with piri piri sauce

Best Ever Chicken and Waffles

This Best Ever selection has a sad caveat. The creator of this magic – Stockyards Restaurant – closed its doors under tragic circumstances in 2022. So consider this an homage to a truly fabulous restaurant and one of its most iconic dishes.
Best Streetfood in Hue

Best Ever Bánh Xèo

If you’re ever in Hue, Vietnam find a small, street front food stall called Bánh Xèo Làng Chuồn  (which translates to Bánh Xèo of Chuồn Village). If there’s a wait for the few small plastic chairs, wait. Then order the Bánh Xèo. Devour, gasp with food joy, and order more. Just trust us on this one!

Food Porn

Because let's be honest: who doesn't like a little food porn in their life!?

Spicy Ramen Mozzarella Sticks

Spicy Ramen Mozzarella Sticks

Playful and Brilliant. Posted on Instagram by the Food Gays.

Duck Scotch Eggs

Duck Scotch Eggs

A masterpiece from Little Viet Kitchen.

Pecan Praline Cookies

Pecan Praline Cookies

Created by Srasfood on Instagram.  “These cookies are both crispy and chewy. Freshly baked and topped with crunch roasted pecan nuts and an irresistible praline!”

Scraps & Crumbs

Sharing wee bites of some of the fun tidbits we find now and again.

Coffee Processing Methods

This great graphic was discovered at Wet Coffee in Oakville.  Coffee Processing Methods Dry/Natural: Coffee cherries are left to dry out in the sun with the seed and pulp still …

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Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner

Never mind the fascinating idea of Chicken Stewed Beef Testies . . . the photo just had us in stitches! Apparently the artwork was inspired by the video game Battlegrounds. …

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Terrible Pickup Lines

Found inside a bar menu in Shanghai! 

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