Finding Adventure

“Another glorious day, the air as delicious to the lungs as nectar to the tongue.”

                                                                                                                         John Muir

A big motivation for our travels is to give ourselves the opportunity to hike and drink in nature’s beauty. Hiking is our soul food;  it replenishes our spirits in the same way that food replenishes our bodies. Hiking through a forest, across a meadow, or up a mountain is one of our favourite ways to truly savour life.

Here we’ll share with you some highlights of our adventures, as well as more detailed blogs about our favouorites. We hope that our musings will encourage you to seek out and savour your own outdoor experiences!


This vast country offers innumerable opportunities for fabulous hiking adventures. We'll help you choose the right one for you.

This is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. A vast wilderness of prairie grasslands and rugged hills, with great hiking and beautiful solitude. The lack of visitors – particularly relative to the immensity of the space – only enhances the emotive power of the place. The grandeur of the immense spaces reaches deep into one’s soul, acting as a balm against the manic pace of modern life and reminding us of nature’s healing powers.

Image from: vagabondesss.com

Pukaskwa National Park

One of our national favourite parks. The seclusion and scenery are spectacular.

A wonderful area for hiking in Ontario.
Image from: Official Website

Bruce Peninsula National Park

On Our Ontario Wish List

Fathom Five National Marine Park is a great place for Ontario nature lovers.
Image from: naturecanada.ca

Fathom Five National Marine Park

On Our Ontario Wish List


125 Nature Hot Spots in Ontario: The Best Parks, Conservation Areas and Wild Places

The best-selling book of Ontario wildlands now features 15 additional destinations. This reader-friendly guide explores the remarkable splendor and diversity of the province, from its soaring clifftops, subterranean caves and thundering cataracts to the province’s tallest white pine, the oldest rocks on Earth and the warbler capital of North America.

Europe and the UK

With an incredible network of hiking trails and camino's Europe is truly a through-hikers dream come true.

The West Highland Way

This 154 km trail is a wonderful journey from Milngavie (a north suburb of Glasgow) to Fort William in Scotland’s West Highlands. We highly recommend this dazzling walk as an introduction to through hiking.

The Via Francigena

Beginning in Canterbury, England most pilgrims end their journey in Rome. So far we’ve walked from Ivrea in Piedmont to Rome – about 1,100 km. More to come!

Rota Vicentina: The Fisherman’s Trail

The Rota Vicentina is a network of hiking trails in the Alentejo and Algarve provinces in the south of Portugal. It’s very high on our Wish List (planned for 2024!

Latin America

Torres del Paine National Park

Our first South American hiking experience. This is a spectacularly  beautiful place to explore in Chile.


We're dreaming about - and planning - some hiking adventures in various parts of Asia. For now, here is some of our wish list!

Credit: Solveig PLACIER/Getty Images

The Michinoku Coastal Trail

Japan’s new 1,000km path. A long-distance nature trail running from Fukushima up to Aomori can act as a bridge connecting nature, local lifestyles.

Kumano Kodo Trail

The pilgrimage route to Wakayama’s Kumano Sanzan shrines in the Kii Mountains, known as the Kumano Kodo, is more than a heritage site with over 1000 years of history. It is home to the tale of Japan’s birth as a nation. The Kumano Kodo comprises five main pilgrimage routes. 

Walk Japan

We stumbled across this service while doing some other research. These folks provide small group tours that venture deep into Japanese society and culture.

Scraps and Crumbs

Wilderness First Responder

Being prepared to lend a helping hand in case of an emergency can save a life. We’re trained in First Aid and have helped others in distress numerous times. Here is a list of organizations that provide Wilderness First Aid training.

10 Greatest Multi-Day Hikes in Europe

This list by 10adventures.com has some great ideas for your next adventure! 

World Expeditions

When they say “world” they mean it. You can search adventure options by continent and country.  

They cater to all tastes: Adventure; Culinary; Families; Arts and Photography; Cruising; and, Sailing.  We have never used this company, but encountered their tour groups while exploring Chile.

Expect prices to range from USD $1,000 to as much as USD $10,000.

Nuun - a jolt of hydrating electrolytes

Unquestionably the best hydration supplement we’ve ever used. Packed with a potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium, Nuun Sport tablets are lightweight and great for backpacking. When you’re hot and tired it’s like you can feel rejuvenating hydration flowing into your muscles as you drink. We can’t recommend this product highly enough!

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More Ways to Savour Life


We travel to explore food and cultue

Authentic travel is like savouring food. Both require a sense of adventure and willingness to experience the “new”. We’d love to share some experiences with you.


Culinary Slut Shares Recipes

Coming Soon! We’re working hard to load content here so we can share some of the amazing dishes we have discovered as we hiked the world. Stay tuned!

Tower Bridge

London, England

 Tower Bridge is one of London’s  most recognizable landmarks. But there is so much more here than meets the eye. So much history; so many stories. Take the tour!

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