Awesome Finds

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

We seek ways to put ourselves off the beaten path, or outside of our comfort zone – because often that’s when we find the most delightful surprises. Come along as we introduce you to some of our discoveries. 

The Science of Good Food

The Ultimate Reference On How Cooking Works

This book was co-authored by Guy Crosby and the editors at America's Test Kitchen. The huge book contains 400 recipes in over 500 pages, each recipe tweaked to perfection in America's Test Kitchen. The recipes are lumped into 50 concepts aiming to teach the core principles of cooking. Each concept provides how the science works, the test kitchen experiments used to prove it, recipes using that principle, and practical science tidbits showcasing simple food science Q&A along the same topic. (ARIANE COFFIN, WIRED.COM)

Fork and Leaf


Fork & Leaf blends specialty product to bring the best fats and oils from around the world to your kitchen. The result is sublime; hard to find at our preferred independent shops - but worth the hunt!

Glynnevan Rye Whisky

Home Bar

A fabulous Double Barrelled Rye Whisky distilled in Nova Scotia. Great for cocktails (like our Manhattan pictured here) or for sipping neat or on the rocks. One of Canada's best.

Dreamy Mocha Cream


When you're craving coffee but don't want to mess up your sleep, this delicious rooibos blend really hits the spot. It's a "go-to" for us,

Where to find it: Canmore (and online orders):

Canmore Tea Company


Japanese Milk Bread


Delicately sweet and fluffy as a cloud, this is the star of white bread. There are so many ways to enjoy this fantastic treat.

Where to find it in Toronto:

Iki Shokupan (Markham)
Bake Island  (Downtown)


Italian Sausage

This spicy, spreadable Calabrian pork sausage will take your Italian sauces, pizza or appies to a whole new level. Treat yourself - thank us later.

Where to find it in Toronto:

Petti Fine Foods (The Junction)

Where to find it in Saskatchewan:

Italian Star Deli (Regina)

Musgrave Pink Gin


We discovered this South African gin at an airport and have dreamed about it every since. Serve it as a G&T with frozen raspberries as a garnish, or pour it into your earl grey tea.

Julia Florista


The Portugese wine is a wonderful table wine for $9. We love it with spicy food. "Softly rounded with smooth tannins, showing stewed plum and dark berry notes, accentuated with spicy undertones. Enjoy with winter meat casseroles and hard cheeses. Another crowd-pleaser!" (Natalie Maclean)


Chinese Distilled Liquor

While some may think this similar to Japan's Sake or Korea's Soju, beware. The alcohol content comes in much higher; making this an acquired taste for many. We adore it; the good stuff is nuanced and deliciious. We highly recommend approaching your first tasting with an open mind - and palate.

Where to find it in Ontario:


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