Heathrow to London: Taking The Underground

The London Underground Subway System

We found the Underground (London’s subway system) to be the most cost and time effective way to get into London from Heathrow Airport) There is direct access to the the Underground in Terminals 2 through 5.  One station serves Terminals 2 & 3, while Terminals 4 & 5 have their own stations. Travel time from Heathrow to Tower Hill via the Piccadilly and District Lines took us about one hour and cost only CAD $12 for both of us. 

Note: The Elizabeth Line carried its first passengers between Heathrow Terminals 4 & 5 and Paddington Station in Central London on May 24, 2022.

When you’re at Heathrow, you’ll see information way finding signs that guide you through the terminal to the Underground entrance. We found ourselves following the blue “Train” signs, but keep your eye out for the Underground station which comes before the actual rail trains.

Eventually you’ll start seeing yellow signs for the “Underground”.   Now is the time to stop following the blue Train signs and start looking for the actual Underground signage. The route also attracts a lot of travellers so watching where people in the crowd start to peel off is a good indicator of where to go.

Use your credit card to get on the London Underground.

Getting on the subway is easy as can be. Just pull out any major credit card and tap it on the payment machine.  You’ll have to remember to tap off with the same card as you exit your final station.   Our subway trip from the airport to our hotel in central London cost only CDN $12. The Underground is also the most affordable way to get around the city. There are almost always London Underground staff on hand at major stations; if you’re not sure which platform to take just ask! We found them quite friendly and helpful.

*Note: if you’re going to be in London for five days or more it’s worth getting either a Visitor Oyster Card or a Travelcard. For more information on how this all works check out Transport for London.

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