Doing hiking right means always
being prepared for emergencies.

Canadian Red Cross

Three levels of courses are offered, starting with 20 hours of training. We highly recommend doing all three levels if you plan on doing any back-country hiking. Why? Because often times you’re on your own out there!

Courses are offered across Canada.

National Outdoor Leadership School

They provide semester-long courses on wilderness skills, as well as offering short expeditions to teach specific activities (such as rock climbing) and improving leadership skills. They also offer wilderness medical courses from first aid to EMT training.  There are hundreds of courses offered in nine different countries.

Wilderness Medical Associates

Courses range from 16 to 80 hours and are held all over Canada. Their international branch also offers travel first aid training.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine

A variety of wilderness first aid courses are offered, starting from 12 hours to as many as 80 hours. They also provide safety training, outdoor survival, as well as search and rescue courses.

Canadian Wilderness Medical Training

CWMT is a certified education centre for the Emergency Care and Safety Intitute and an Authorized Provider for the Canadian Red Cross. They offer courses in Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa, Wawa, Thunder Bay, and the Ottawa Valley) and British Columbia (Kamloops and Squamish). 

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