Xi An Cuisine

Another food court gem in Richmond, Xi An is a star attraction at the Richmond Public Market food court. Fresh hand pulled noodles, delicious Chinese buns and dumplings, and layers of complex flavours. .

📍8260 Westminster Hwy

Located in the Richmond Public Market

When exploring the Richmond food scene never ignore food courts. Never! They’re full of gems that  are well worth a visit. Xi An Cuisine is a case inpoint. Located in the Richmond Public Market food court they specialize in hand-pulled noodles and various buns.

We enjoyed fried hand-pulled noodles with lamb, because how do you say no to hand-pulled noodles? This day the dish tended toward the greasy side, so picked up a nice cup of hot tea nearby at Encore Tea. 

The star of the meal was the very thing that brought us here:  a delicious serving of wontons in chili oil. The wontons were silky and delicious, and the chili oil was complex, aromatic and full of flavour.

Once we start ordering, sometimes it’s hard to put the brakes on. So we threw in a couple of Roy Jia Mo (Chinese pork burgers). These came from the Shaanxi Province of China where they are a popular street food.  The pork meat is so wonderfully spiced, we took one of our buns and just ate the pork out.

Truth is, we wanted the bun to soak up all the chili oil sauce from the wontons so none of it would go to waste. Because that’s just how we roll. 


The wontons in chili oil were off the charts delicious, with silky wonton wraps and richly flavoured oil. The Roy Jia Mo were very good; pretty much on par with what can expect at any good Chinese food stand.

The huge portion of hand-pulled noodles was good (great flavours and noodles with a perfect texture). But we were disappointed that they were quite greasy. This was a bit off putting, and is the main reason for our not having given Xi An a five star rating.

Our very filling lunch for two (with leftover noodles for a snack the next day) was a very reasonable $41. 

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