Restaurant “Merkuri”

Arguably Himare’s best fine dining restaurant. Specializing in fresh, grilled seafood the service is friendly and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food. Well worth a visit. 

📍SH8 Spile, Central Road Rruga Xhorxh Tenet, Himarë 9425

Risotto stuffed grilled calamari

We were drawn in by the stellar reviews of this resto, and we weren’t disappointed.

While Merkuri doesn’t have a sea view, it’s easily one of the prettiest restaurants in Himare. The staff is friendly and super helpful, and the vibe is very chill. On this occasion we had invited some new friends to join us for dinner so we were looking forward to sharing some seafood and wine together.

Our first indication of the friendliness of the staff came when we asked for a cabbage salad (along with Himare salad). Our server explained politely that the cabbage wasn’t very fresh and she didn’t recommend the salad. We really appreciated her honesty and ordered two Himare salads instead. Next, three of us ordered Sea Bass, and again our server was honest about the size of the fish on hand. She took us to the kitchen and showed us a large whole Sea Bass, and suggested that we share two amongst the three of us. She was spot on in her assessment of portions, but could have just as easily brought us three (as ordered) and put another 2,000L on the bill. The fact that she didn’t do so speaks volumes about this place.

As for the food, everything was delicious. The unique Himare Salad (a mix of fresh orange pieces, olives and onion) was a revelation, and our side dishes (French Fries and Grilled Vegetables) were excellent as well. But the seafood dishes were the real stars here. The grilled Sea Bass was fabulous – cooked to juicy perfection with mouth wateringly crunchy skin. And the Stuffed Squid was superb. Tender squid was stuffed full of a cheesy, vegetable risotto and grilled perfectly. All the seafood portions were generous and great value for money.

With a litre of white wine and Amaro all round the total came to 8,400L – great value! Highly recommended!.

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