Pasticeri “Delight”

Cozy friendly spot serving outstanding, homemade sweets, savoury treats and delicious coffee. Incredible prices and great location. Best coffee shop in Himare.

📍SH8 Himarë AL, 9425

Revani, a Turco-Greek semolina cake drenched in lemon simple syrup and sprinkled with coconut flakes - divine!

We stopped in at this cozy, friendly spot pretty much every day during our three week stay in Himare. The coffee is very good (the cappuccino and Frappe are particularly yummy), the desserts are fresh and delicious, and the savoury treats are on-point (the spinach Burek is outstanding).

Prices are fair and you can enjoy everything while checking your online “to-do” list while sitting on their shaded and comfy outdoor patio (they have a strong wi-fi signal). They also offer quick and efficient takeaway

But honestly, we recommend pulling up a chair and staying a while. There is an incredibly friendly, helpful staff. By the second day visiting we felt like we were being welcomed with the same genuine good humour as local regulars, and we enjoyed a “new Albanian word of the day” lesson courtesy of one of the staff.

*Note: if you’re looking to catch a bus out of Himare this is the perfect place to pull up and chill while you wait.

We highly recommend this warm, genuine place.

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