Best Ever Shwarma Pizza

Chito's Pizza and Foods on bloor st west
Chicken Shawarma with hot sauce and garlic sauce

The Magic

They put so much shwarma on this pizza it makes it delightfully challenging to eat, and slather it with extra garlic and hot sauces (but only if you want them to).  One slice is a meal for us, and a very affordable one at that.

The Judgement

Chito’s is the kind of place some of you are likely to judge on sight, and that judgement may not be a good one.  At least, it wasn’t for us. This neighbourhood take-out has been around as long as our memories reach back and not once did we ever have the slightest desire to darken its counter.

It has the sort of “no-fucks-given” ambience that can go either way for a food experience. But to be honest, and to our everlasting shame, it was the clientele we saw lined up for takeout that set our biases against it. It was made up mostly of stoners, groups of teens, and people clearly down and out on their luck. We concluded it must be popular strictly for it’s affordability and felt it would be likely disappointing in quality.

The Epiphany

Then, one fateful day, we arrived home on Easter Monday after extended travel. We came home to an empty refrigerator and closed grocery stores and restaurants. We were prowling the streets of our neighbourhood like starved hyenas, and found Chito’s not only open, but busy. 

“If you’re hungry enough,” we thought. “Anything will taste good.”

We got up to the counter and asked about two slices of chicken shawarma pizza. 

“What kind of slice?”  The fellow gestured toward the pre-made slices and we decided on a vegetable pizza base.  

Then he proceed to pile a mountain of nicely charred chicken shwarma onto the slice.  “Sauce?” he asked.

“You tell us,” we answered, unsure of what to expect.

“Yes sauce. You like garlic and spicy?” Oh my, do we ever! So he drizzled a generous amount of each over our slice.

We sat down on the curb and proceeded to devour our slices with much delight, surprised by how good – and how messy – it was. This pizza was not only delicious, it was super affordable. 

The Craving

We’ve been back dozens of times and as veterans, now take our Helinox camp chairs and wet wipes – for comfort and clean up! When we really want to treat ourselves we order a fresh made cheese, onion and mushroom pizza and have them pile on the chicken and sauces.  We love it so much, every time life finds us walking past Chito’s we intentionally stare at the other side of the street to weaken the siren call. The problem is made worse by the fact that all their other food is great too; we love their chicken wings and their burrito.  

Thank you Chito’s, for doing street food right in Toronto!

1380 Bloor St W, Toronto

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