Winner, Winner – Chicken Dinner

Never mind the fascinating idea of Chicken Stewed Beef Testies . . . the photo just had us in stitches! Apparently the artwork was inspired by the video game Battlegrounds. Taken at: Long Shun Yuan Richmond, British Columbia

A Love Letter To Memory Corner

Every now and then we find a really memorable user review on an online platform. This review of Taiwanese restaurant Memory Corner in Richmond, B.C. is one such instance; this gave us a really warm laugh. The review opens with this brilliant hook: “I have been here a number of times already and I didn’t […]

Domino Shots

We found this video on Instagram and it blew our minds! The complexity of this stunt is pretty impressive.  Source: We’re not sure who originally created this video. If anyone out there knows, we would be thrilled to link back. Here’s where we found the video: Next Level Bartending Exo Drinks


Mooncake is made and enjoyed in China during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival’s origins date to the 1600s BCE, and in the past it encouraged people to moon-watch. Today it’s mostly a time to gather with friends and family over large meals. However, many people have not forgotten that the Festival is linked to myths […]