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Vancouver is often cited as one of the world’s great food cities. From food trucks to fine dining and a huge range of cuisines you can explore the creations of great chefs running first-rate kitchens. Temperate climate means and proximity to water means fantastically fresh ingredients. And don’t forget that just next door in Richmond you can explore the best Chinese food scene outside of China.

“It’s a restaurant town, it’s a foodie town, it’s a chef town.”

Our Favourites

Each of these restaurants holds a special place in our hearts.  Often, it’s more than just the food itself. It’s the richness of culture, the wonderful people behind the scenes, the way a spot makes us feel at home.

HK BBQ Master

HK BBQ Master serves up delicious, traditional Hong Kong BBQ in a very busy, very casual space. The food is off-the-charts delicious at great prices. So go hungry and order lots!
Moules Frites Coquotte


Chambar is justifiably renowned for exquisite food and drink served in a laid-back atmosphere. Belgian-inspired craft beers and an extensive wine list pair seamlessly with fabulous menu items. A must-visit whenever we’re in town.
Venison loin with sausage, squash, black barley and pepper sauce

St. Lawrence Restaurant

St. Lawrence is a must-do for any foodie visiting Vancouver. We adore everything about this place: the superb food; the fabulous staff; and the joie de vive make this one of our all-time favourite restos – anywhere in the world.

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Other Great Spots

We have eaten at each of these places, and genuinely loved our experience! 

Rice cakes with tofu


ITofu got their start at the famed Richmond Night Market. They serve up fabulous, award winning tofu drinks and desserts. Silky smooth, warm and cold, they are well worth a visit.


Living up to its namesake, the capital city of Sichuan Province, Chengdu makes outstanding spicy Sichuan dishes. Aromatic and richly flavoured in-house chili oil elevates all their dishes. Great chili oil wontons and Dan Dan Noodles.
Wontons in Chili Oil

Xi An Cuisine

Another food court gem, this Richmond Public Market star attraction features hand pulled noodles and delicious Chinese buns and dumplings – and layers and layers of complex flavours.
Discovered at Memory Corner in Vancouver B.C.

Memory Corner

Memory Corner serves up unique and delicious Taiwanese dishes in a relaxed, neighbourhood space. Specializing in lamb dishes, this fabulous, much loved resto is a must-visit in Richmond.

Maxim’s Bakery

Maxim’s Bakery is easy to miss, but make the effort to find them inside the Richmond Centre Mall; you’ll not be sorry. Classic Chinese desserts and unique savoury offerings done right.

Chef Tony Seafood

Chef Tony Seafood is an upscale, HK-style spot specializing in Dim Sum as well as main plates. Specializing in larger groups, they happily serve couples as well. Great service, delicious food at reasonable prices.

Kam Do Bakery

Kam Do Bakery is a great place for savoury and sweet baked goods. Specializing in sweet buns with great flavours, their savoury options make for great quick breakfasts or lunches. Look for treats you’ve seen before and give them a go.

Community Suggestions

A number of restaurant recommendations have come our way from our community. We haven’t had the chance to explore these just yet, but hope to some day!

Scraps and Crumbs

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