It’s hard to describe Singapore succinctly. In many ways it is deserving of its almost legendary status as a shining example of a “future city”. At the same time, if you pay attention to the complexity that lies just below the gleaming surface there are aspects of the place that left us unsettled.  Nonetheless, the food scene, vibrant ethnic enclaves and lovely green spaces make this a place worth visiting (but bring your wallet!).

To put it bluntly, there isn't one economic theory that can single-handedly explain Singapore's success; its economy combines extreme features of capitalism and socialism. All theories are partial; reality is complex.

Gardens By The Bay

This inner city, carefully planned green space is one of the most spectacular in the world.  It’s filled with beautiful gardens and wetlands, as well as mind-boggling high tech wonders, much of it available free of charge.

Singapore: Behind The Curtain

Singapore projects a modern, futuristic face to the world. But pay close attention and you start to sense that all is not quite so progressive.

Getting from Changi Airport to The City

Being budget travellers, we try to use transit whenever possible. Good news – transit is easy to use in Singapore!

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