Restaurant Puri

This welcoming spot is as close to a North American “diner vibe” as anywhere we ate in our six weeks in Albania. Full of regulars from the neighbourhood, great food in huge portions served by very friendly staff. And it goes without saying that the prices are great as well (because, Albania).

📍Blv, Bulevardi Bujar Bishanaku, Shkodër 4001

Pljeskavica. Spicy meat patty stuffed with cheese and ham.

On our first visit we ordered the Father’s Rice, identified on the menu as a “Best Seller”. It took about two bites of this bowl of rich, meaty flavour to understand why. Perfectly cooked rice (pretty sure it was cooked in a broth) soaking up the meat gravy on one side, and cannellini bean gravy on the other. A huge portion of soul satisfying, protein rich comfort food – the kind of meal that can sustain someone for the whole day (which this one did! 😂).

Our other dish was Pljeskavica, a big (like really big!) spicy meat patty stuffed with cheese and ham. Served with a side of fries and a cabbage salad this was also a meal designed to fuel people working hard for the rest of the day. Really, really tasty!

If that wasn’t enough we were treated to a complimentary side plate featuring another, (thankfully smaller) meat patty and a superb wedge of fried, halloumi-like cheese. Though already stuffed we didn’t want to turn down this generosity (Albanians are sooo friendly) so we tucked into the additional protein with gusto. Afterwards it was all we could do to waddle away from the table to our next adventure!

Our second meal was breakfast on our last day in Shkodër. We were hoping to fuel ourselves until a late dinner in Tirana, and Puri delivered in spades. The omelette with veggies & ham and an orange juice was huge (had to be a four-egger at least) and perfectly prepared. In all honesty in spite of how good it was we weren’t able to finish it all.

The second dish was Grandma’s Pancakes. Now, if you’ve not had Albanian pancakes you need to know that they are not flat discs like those served in North America. Rather, they are delightful lumps of pancake batter yumminess. They usually come drizzled lightly with a fruit syrup of some kind (Albanians don’t go in for over-the-top sweet toppings) and are served with firm feta cheese to provide that start-the-day protein hit. A plate of pancakes here is a serious eating endeavour, and we weren’t able to finish Puri’s platter – in spite of how good they were.

Prices are super affordable, even by Albanian standards. Lunch – which included two 500ml bottles of sparkling water – was 1,200L (1,400 with tip)

Breakfast – which included two very good Americanos – was also 1,200L (1,400 with tip). We can’t recommend Puri highly enough.

If you find yourself in Shkodër they are a must visit..

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