Petti Fine Foods

Petti Fine Foods features in-house made pasta, excellent dry pasta from Italy (including high quality gluten free options), fabulous locally sourced meals and desserts, as well as a great range of hard-to-find canned goods. And the vibe is warm and welcoming. 

📍3077 Dundas St W Unit 1, Toronto

Sometimes the food gods look down and decide that our lives need to be just that much happier (and that’s sayin’ something!). That was obviously what happened in 2022 when Petti Fine Foods opened their doors at the corner of Dundas St. W. and Quebec Avenue – just a short five minute walk from our home.

The phrase “game changer” gets tossed around a lot, and sometimes the hyperbole outshines reality. In the case of Petti Fine Foods opening their small but mighty Italian fine foods shop phrase certainly fits. Total game changer for a neighbourhood already brimming with fabulous boutique foodie dopamine hits.


Why? We could talk about the lineup of locally sourced and delicious frozen foods – everything from the best frozen pizza we’ve ever had to sublime gluten free arancini – and everything in between. Or the equally fabulous local dry goods. Or the fresh, in-house made pastas on offer for a ridiculously fair price. Or the fantastic line up of really good gluten free pasta direct from Italy. Or . . . No, you get the picture. The food on offer here is really, really good.

You don’t have to be a fan of Italian cuisine to realize that this independent shop is a gift to both the neighbourhood and to all food lovers. The top-notch assortment of specialty dry goods and frozen products rotates as items sell out and new ones arrive, so repeat visits are recommended. The frozen pizzas are just outstanding, the various tomato sauces are to die for, and the fresh, in-house made pastas are superb and very reasonably priced (*Note: they also have a great selection of quality gluten-free products, including hard to find items like arancini, lasagne, tiramisu and, of course, pastas).

If you don’t want to take our word for it, stay tuned to Petti’s Instagram feed (@pettifinefoods) for special cooking demos and tasting events (including special guest appearances by Stefano’s Nonna!!). 

But what will keep you coming back over and over again is the welcoming vibe. Stefano, the owner and front-of-house star, always greets with a smile and an offer of an espresso “on the house”. The espresso is excellent, and this lovely gesture reminds us of our most recent, two-month trip to Italy. There, every neighbourhood has a café where people just pop in to enjoy coffee and baked treats, often while chatting with the owner at the counter. So, we make a point of popping by for our “Italy Moment” – an espresso and a chat – even if we don’t buy anything that day (*Note: we do always leave a discreet tip on the counter for the coffee). It’s just such a pleasure chatting with Stefano, who is as passionate as we are about all things food.

If you live in or near The Junction, or if you’re just visiting, you owe it to yourself to pop by for an espresso and to pick up some delicious goodies. You’ll be glad you did.

Great locally sourced and imported food at reasonable prices. A genuinely warm welcoming vibe. Independent owners committed to the neighbourhood. What more can you ask for from a neighbourhood shop?

Like we said: game changer.



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