We take for granted our modern access to a rich variety of ingredients and international cuisines. The abundance of our culinary experiences have been made possible by a long past of exploration, war, trade, politics, religion, social culture and environment. Every ingredient we use, every plate of food we are served, is part of the fascinating tapestry of human history. Your food has a story to tell.

You have to taste a culture to understand it.

Asian Eats

We’re obsessed with Asian Cuisine!  Here are just some of the delightful things we’ve discovered in our dining adventures, both in our wonderfully multicultural hometown

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Singapore Chili Crab

“You have to have Chili Crab,” a fellow traveller tells us. “It’s super touristy, but so good. Don’t obsess about where you get it; every

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Mooncake is made and enjoyed in China during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival’s origins date to the 1600s BCE, and in the past it encouraged

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Food is a central activity of mankind and one of the single most significant trademarks of a culture.


So much more to explore!

Great Finds

St. Lawrence Market

Sometimes we come across extra-special treasures that defy categorization – except to say that they’re just great finds. So, here you are – we hope you enjoy!

World Travel

Canmore is a beautiful Canadian destination for travel.

When we travel we take notes – lots of notes! We love to share our finds and tips to help you plan your next adventure.

About Us

Toronto Food and Travel Bloggers Vic and Agnieszka

If you’re curious about why building a foodie community is so important to us drop by our About Us page. You’ll get to know us a wee bit better, especially why we’re so passionate about the connection between food, travel and culture.

Our Favourite Foodie Resources

louchiafullo - Let's Cook!!

Louchiafullo​ on Instagram.

Lou is a self-described home chef who cooks amazing food and generously shares his mouthwatering recipes. His Instagram feed is fun, warm and genuine. Well worth a follow if you want to learn his ways!

Gastro Obscura

Culinary Slut shares a list of amazing foodies.

Culinary adventures and deep dives into cultures, individual dishes, stories and food festivals. Learn the history behind ingredients and culinary traditions. Explore their global guide for your next food adventure.


enRoute Magazine offers amazing restaurant finds

We believe food and travel are soulmates, so it’s no surprise that we think the folks from enRoute have some pretty good-to-great tips to share! They have become particularly good at highlighting local favs in destination cities.