Coffee Processing Methods

This great graphic was discovered at Wet Coffee in Oakville.  Coffee Processing Methods Dry/Natural: Coffee cherries are left to dry out in the sun with the seed and pulp still inside, then they get depulped. The dry method produced a juicy and syrupy coffee. Wet/Washed: Coffee cherried get depulped, then washed of its mucilage (the […]

A Love Letter To Memory Corner

Every now and then we find a really memorable user review on an online platform. This review of Taiwanese restaurant Memory Corner in Richmond, B.C. is one such instance; this gave us a really warm laugh. The review opens with this brilliant hook: “I have been here a number of times already and I didn’t […]

Greater Vancouver Chinese food tour

Life has taken us to Vancouver many times, but we’ve never had a chance to explore Richmond’s famous Chinese food scene. So we decided to use some of our vacation days for a trip to Vancouver for a short, but jam-packed, food tour. We spent quite a bit of time researching online and landed on a list of […]