Social Media Promotions

Third-party promotions are a powerful tool for any business. We are open to partnering with you to promote your products and services in order to increase your bottom line. 

So how does this work?

The Trial Phase: 

We only solicit sponsored posts for businesses providing experiences we truly enjoy and believe in. This is because we have spent years earning the trust of our audience. Maintaining that trust ensures that our sponsored posts remain effective for you.   

This means we have to try your product or service before agreeing to participate in a sponsored post. If we find the experience is not to our tastes, we will pay for the service or product you provided as regular customers. That’s our guarantee to you.


But if the experience is something we believe our virtual community will support we will work closely with you to promote your business. We’ve had tremendous success in the past and have tools to provide you with useful information about the campaign.

Performance Report:  

We believe in transparency and provide a performance report for every sponsored post four weeks after it has gone live.  Why four weeks? Because our posts tend to continue to gain in reach for about this period of time. 

An important note about reviews: 

If we like your products and services we will provide enthusiastic and informative reviews as a matter of course. 

That said, we do not provide positive reviews in exchange for profit, goods or services. We believe this is highly unethical, and it would damage the trust we have built with our community. Please don’t ask.

Sample Sponsored Posts

To see the whole post in detail, please tap on a photo below and select the link icon.