Albania was long hidden from the world under the boot of one of the most brutal totalitarian regimes the world has ever known. From the beginning of this century, however, Albania is now one of European tourism’s last frontiers. It is one of the most welcoming and beautiful places we’ve ever visited. While the rugged mountains, beautiful coastline and azure blue waters will take your breath away, the genuine warmth and friendship of its people – and the fabulous food – are the memories we cherish the most. 

"The wonderful thing about Albania is that not only is it extraordinarily beautiful and provides everything you could want out of a vacation (wonderful seafood, fresh farms, affordability, culture and history), but it's also surrounded by a nation of people who are some of the kindest, most welcoming people I've ever met."

Our Favourites

Each of these restaurants holds a special place in our hearts.  Often, it’s more than just the food itself. It’s the richness of culture, the wonderful people behind the scenes, the way a spot makes us feel at home.

Pljeskavica (spicy meat patty stuffed with ham and cheese)

Restaurant Puri

A welcoming spot that’s as close to a North American “diner vibe” as we found in Albania. Full of regulars, huge portions, delicious food, friendly service and great prices because: Albania!
Imam Bajalldi - stuffed eggplant


A favourite among locals and visitors alike. Really good, traditional Albanian food at a reasonable price. Famous for grilled lamb and sausages, but trust us: have the Tavë Dheu. Thank us later!
Grilled Sea Bass

Restaurant “Merkuri”

Arguably Himare’s best fine dining, these folks specialize in superb seafood, quality, fresh ingredients with a kitchen that knows its stuff. Beautiful setting, great service and prices. Just go!

Pasticeri “Delight”

Excellent coffee, a full range of delicious home-made desserts, savoury treats (spinach Burek is off-the-charts) and the friendliest staff in Himare. Become a regular and get treated like family,
The Miller

Nouvelle Vague

Located in the trendy Bllok neighbourhood, this is a must-visit spot if you love creative cocktails. The speciality creations highlight aspects of Albanian history or culture. Ask for the back stories and enjoy!

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Other Great Spots:

We have eaten at each of these places, and genuinely loved our experience!   




This high end resto has Himare’s most extensive wine list, and a creative seafood and salad menu. Their Cretan Salad and Mussels in Tomato & Feta rocked our world. Great view of the bay.

Soren Restaurant

This highly rated restaurant specializes in grilled seafood, and does a very nice job with risotto and salad as well. A good wine list and friendly service make this a worthwhile visit for a special meal.
Special Mention - Shala River

Bee-Eco Guesthouse

We only enjoyed a meal at the restaurant – we didn’t stay overnight. The grilled trout was perhaps the best we’ve ever enjoyed. Crispy skin without drying out the flesh, and perfectly spiced – just darn yummy! The sides of roasted potatoes, Greek salad and fresh baked bread were generous and tasty. Fascinating home made wine. A highly recommended day trip from Shkoder.


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